Creating emotional experiences through sound


About Me

Hi, this is me, Arne Bollinger

I can give you the sound that you need!
Not only because I know the technology - As a musician, psychologist and multi-media marketing expert, I can make sure you reach your audience with the sound that you require.
With a big variety of tools, equipment, experience, contacts and a bunch of creativity I give your sound a personal touch that creates waves of resonance.


I was surrounded by music since i came to life.
My mother was working as a radio DJ and music analyst, so she was listening to a lot of music at home.
I learned to play the piano from the age of 6 and drums from age 10.
Since the age of 14 i am recording and producing music on mixing consoles and computers.
With 16 I founded my first band and since then I was playing in 7 Bands.
I studied music therapy in 2006 and was trained in piano, guitar, percussions, theory and music psychology (among a lot of psychology and therapy specific things).
In 2008 I was elected head of Villa Nachttanz, a club in my study town Heidelberg. There I organized concerts and festivals, also working as a stage hand, sound technician and live mixer.
In 2012 I was doing an internship at Ballsaal Studios in Berlin. I worked on a few songs with Peter and got good feedback on my ears, workflow and ideas.
2013-2017 I was freelancing for sinnwerkstatt media agency as a componist and sounddesigner.

Personal Info



I can shape your musical ideas into reality. With your artistic guidance and imaginations i can arrange everything from finding and directing musicians, recording, composing, mixing, mastering and whatever else you need. Just show me what you have in mind and i tell you what you need!


With a great set of gear i can flexibly respond to the needs of your project. I can record your instrument to get the right tone, your bands in your rehearsal room or at a gig, or we can configure the sound that you need in my studio!


You have a demo from your band or actually a recording of a song, but it just doesnt sound quite like it could? Let me listen into it and I can direct it where it want to go. With a lot of feedback loops I can get you the sound that you have in mind.


Your track is not loud enough to be played among other professional tunes? A song doesn't fit in the mix of a compilation? You want to hit a club and get that low end rumble, that makes everybody scream? You think there is room for more? Their is, with my mastering services!


With 20 years of experience and fair skills on almost any instrument i can produce scores that exactly fit the mood of your story, video, presentation or show. To deliver music that fits your needs, I want to understand you and your story and get a feeling for the context of the composition. In regard to your target audience, values and athmosphere i can create an emotional experience that makes whatever you do memorizable and engaging! From background music moods, to sound logos and catchphrases, i can tune in, to hit your resonance!


I can coach your band, or you individually on your instrument to reach your full potential. With a broad experience in musical education, personal coaching, communication techniques and working with many bands i can facilitate some sessions to improve your tightness, creativity, technique, sound and communication! Also i can give individual coaching and skillsharing on the services that i offer. If you want to learn from my experiences, i am happy to share all i know!